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Safeguarding Children: Working with Neglect and the Graded Care Profile 2

Safeguarding Children: Working with Neglect and the Graded Care Profile 2


Please note that staff must have either completed the Multi Agency Basic Child Protection Awareness Workshop or an equivalent course provided by their organisation/sector/or the relevant e-learning before they attend this course.

This course is suitable for any staff working with Children & Families. This may include: Social Care, Schools, Education, Health, Police, Probation, YOS, voluntary, private & independent childcare providers, Substance misuse workers, young people’s workers.

This one-day workshop considers the concept of Neglect when working with children and families and introduces the Graded Care profile 2 (GCP 2) as the new updated tool to assess families where neglect may be a feature.

To be able to use the GCP 2 you must attend this training as it is a licenced tool. This tool will replace the existing Graded Care profile in Stockport which will be phased out in time.


During the workshop participants will cover:

  • Recognising children & young people who are at risk of suffering neglect
  • Definitions of neglect and its different forms
  • The brief section on relationships, attachment and child development
  • Local and national context
  • The Graded Care profile (GCP) 2-how to use the tool in working restoratively with families and identifying both good and neglectful areas of parenting.

The Graded Care Profile Version 2 (GCP2)
The GCP2 is a practical tool which supports practitioners in measuring the quality of care delivered to an individual child from an individual carer or carers over a short window of time, and is designed to give a representative overview of the current level of care. The grades are based on observations and good quality evidence gathered during this window. All practitioners using the GCP2 have attended and passed a licensed training programme.

The GCP2 reviews “what it’s like” for the child not “why it’s happening”. However, parental issues are taken into account during the analysis and planning stage. The quality of care is scaled between 1 (best) and 5 (worst).

This section of the training will cover:

  • The GCP2 is a tool that supports practitioners to make a judgement about whether or not parental care is neglectful.
  • You will be trained to use the NSPCC GCP2.
  • The training takes place over one day and will cover:
  • Short session on what neglect is
  • A session on the GCP2 research
  • The theory that underpins GCP2
  • A case study that you will need to score using GCP2
  • Analysing the completed tool


Please see description.

Booking Information

Please note that all Safeguarding Children courses unless otherwise stated are 'Straight to Booked' courses. Confirmation emails are automatically sent after booking made.

For course enquires & COURSE CANCELLATIONS, please send emails to bstraining@stockport.gov.uk

At the Stockport Safeguarding Children Board meeting on 24 January 2011, it was agreed to introduce charging for places on multi-agency training for certain organisations. This has been in place since 1 April 2011. http://www.safeguardingchildreninstockport.org.uk/training.html

The charging policy to be introduced is as follows:
  • All organisations will be charged £80 per day (pro rata) for those delegates who do not attend. This includes organisations that make a financial contribution to the board as well as those that don’t. It also includes small voluntary organisations.
  • The charge will be waived if the place is cancelled in writing 5 working days before the course date. An email will be acceptable. PLEASE EMAIL: bstraining@stockport.gov.uk
  • Cancellations on the day will incur a charge. Therefore, if a delegate is unable to attend at short notice then the manager may nominate an appropriate substitute to attend. The substitute should indicate on the register who they are replacing.

The Board also agreed that a charge will be introduced for all organisations that do not make a financial contribution to the SSCB. The cost will be £80 per person per place. Small voluntary organisations will not be charged for attending training.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no longer a canteen at this venue, so please make alternative arrangements for lunch, i.e, bring your own lunch to eat in training room. Alternatively there are a number of sandwich shops near to Stopford House.
Refreshments will be provided at Mid-Morning Break and Mid-Afternoon Break. There are also drinks and snacks you can purchase from the vending machines in Learning & Development. Drinks are £1.00. Water is free.


Social Care, Schools, Education, Health, Police, Probation, YOS, voluntary, private & independent childcare providers, Substance misuse workers, young people’s workers.

12 Nov 2019 09:30 - 16:30

Closing date: 10/11/2019
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Safeguarding (Multi-Agency) Training and Support Services
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Date and Time

12 Nov 2019 09:30 - 16:30


Conference Room 3, Learning & Development Centre, 1st Floor, Stopford House, Piccadilly Stockport SK1 3XE


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